Carnage: Manga Horror

Although he was introduced right in the middle of my prime superhero years (I bought ASM #361 brand new!) I never really thought that much of Carnage. It was a pretty obvious "how can we make Venom even more EXTREME?!?!?!?" kinda play and even then I recognized it. I don't think it helped that Mark Bagley was handling the art duties; Mark's art is just too polished to work with such a degenerate idea.

Since, Marvel has announced their "Absolute Carnage" event for August, I thought I would revisit him. I was trying to think of how I could make him legitimately scary and I figured I would make him into a manga horror type joint. I have been looking at a lot of Junji Ito and this is my homage to some kind of extreme body horror kinda thing. I always thought it would be so creepy if the symbiote's tentacles were more like veins crawling all over everything...

Prints available here.